The Wine-Cellar

The house and the vineyards in the Cru Meriame of Serralunga have belonged to Luisella’s family for generations, but the grapes were sold to a local store and Paolo, who at the time worked as an oenologist for other companies, has always dreamed of producing his own wine in a vineyard here in the heart of Piedmont.

Furthermore the holding of Serralunga is situated in the “cru” “Meriame”, between the hamlets of Baudana and Lazzarito in a small amphitheater facing South and South-West of Castiglione Falletto. Each and every process that goes into making the wine is carried out by hand to ensure the best quality possible, including the harvest and the winemaking, which is accomplished with most scrupulousness in order to achieve the best results thanks to the slow and delicate fermentation in steel tanks.

A proper vinification and aging process allow to obtain hefty wines, with full regards to the traditional methods, following step by step their development so that they can ennoble while keeping intact the special characteristics of the grapes from which they come.
The selection of the grapes is carried out by hand and by picking out the grapes in the vineyards as well as in the wine cellar where a particular conveyor belt takes the grapes in small chests weighing 20kg.


The family-run Agricultural Holding has been handed down from father to son. Over time it has expanded to reach an area of about 14 hect., with a production that ranges from Dolcetto d'Alba to Barbera d'Alba, from Nebbiolo d'Alba to Barolo.

Tutte le fasi della lavorazione della vite, compresa la raccolta, vengono effettuate a mano per garantire il massimo della qualità così come tutte le fasi della vinificazione sono eseguite con la massima scrupolosità al fine di ottenere il miglior risultato, grazie anche alla lenta e delicata fermentazione in vasche di acciaio.

The Green Experience introduces itself to customers with two disciplinary distincts, which give life to two brands, as well as a plan of collaboration between winemakers aimed at the future of the piedmontese territory and wines.

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